Dear World,

Jordan Schilleci
2 min readJun 13, 2024

Hello. Today I just want to say thanks.

Thank you for giving me the flowing river with its rich mahogany-colored rocks.
Thank you for letting the sun dance without a cloud in the sky.
Thank you for the shade beneath these hundred-year-old trees.
Thank you for the breeze that so gently kisses my face.
Thank you for the curve and bend that allowed us to build a road to make travel here a reality.
Thank you for the song you let the birds and flowing water sing.
Thank you for allowing us to mix the manmade with youmade.
Thank you for the presence of the elderly couple deep in conversation sitting nearby on the cushion they placed upon the bench swing gently reminding me what the purpose of life is.
Thank you for the path that led here.
Thank you for the message and its many messengers.
Thank you for this moment.
Thank you for the next.

Holding on, never forgetting.



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