Have, Believe, and Do

Jordan Schilleci
7 min readJun 20, 2024

I have been developing something and presenting it to you piece by piece. Today, I am excited to share the latest version with you. I hope you don’t mind.

I so desperately and passionately want to help women.

I want to help each woman live a life of happiness and peace by aligning their brain and their heart so they can be present and thrive.

There are many benefits for a woman who is thriving. A thriving woman can be present, happy, and at peace; if she is working, she can have work-life harmony.

This allows her to love her life and to feel it is near perfection.

But let’s start at the beginning. What do you need to have?


Have & Seek These Four Things

  1. Health (healthy body & healthy mind)
  2. Emotional Intelligence (heavy emphasis on humility & self-awareness)
  3. Longevity (frequent nourishment of food, water, sleep, and community)
  4. Purpose (plan follows once you have a purpose)

A strong foundation of health is essential for being fully present and thriving in life. This encompasses caring for both your physical and mental well-being. A healthy body through nutritious eating, regular exercise, and tending to needs allows you to show up with energy and vitality. Equally important is cultivating a healthy mindset through meditation, positive self-talk, and stress management. When you feel grounded in your health, you can be more focused, resilient, and engaged in each moment.

Developing a high degree of emotional intelligence is key to mastering presence. Self-awareness allows you to recognize your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors openly and without judgment. Humility allows you to approach each experience with curiosity rather than assumptions. As you build these skills, you become more attuned to your inner world while cultivating empathy and understanding for others. This emotional attunement enhances your ability to connect authentically and navigate challenges with greater poise.

Presence and thriving aren’t brief pursuits — they require nourishment over the long-term. In addition to eating well and staying hydrated, prioritizing quality sleep allows your body and mind to recharge fully. But longevity favors connection, too. A supportive community provides encouragement, accountability, and chances to receive and provide care. When you focus on these fundamentals consistently over time, you create a sustainable path toward enduring presence.

True presence arises when you have a sense of purpose driving you. Purpose inspires showing up fully each day and motivation for growth. However, you can’t force purpose—first, you must genuinely want it. Once you embody that sincere desire and discover what ignites your passion, a clear plan for pursuing your purpose can unfold. An intentional life of presence becomes infinitely more attainable.

If you have health, emotional intelligence, longevity, and a purpose, you will be capable of wholeness. This state of integrated presence and congruence allows you to show up as your most whole, most authentic self in each moment.

You can operate with harmony rather than being fractured by inner confusion, imbalance, or lack of direction. Then, your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions can align with your core values and what matters most, and you can fully engage in life’s experiences.

Wholeness grants you the gift of being fully immersed and engaged, distilled to your purest essence. You aren’t scattered or depleted by inner conflicts. Instead, you can devote your entire being to each endeavor, relationship, and moment that arises. This empowers you to make your deepest positive impact while feeling grounded, nourished, and attuned to your true self.

Ultimately, wholeness allows you to participate in the richness of life without restraint or depletion. It’s the summit of self-actualization — operating as your bravest, most vibrant self in service of your greatest potential.


But from there you need to believe in the strength of continuous growth. You do this by believing in the power of positivity, in the importance of curiosity, in the courage of being vulnerable, in the value of self-efficacy, in the rewards of mastery experiences, in the lessons of vicarious experiences, and in the freedom of work-life harmony.

The Seven Rules of Belief

  1. Believe in the Power of Positivity
  2. Believe in the Importance of Curiosity
  3. Believe in the Courage of Being Vulnerable
  4. Believe in the Value of Self-Efficacy
  5. Believe in the Rewards of Mastery Experiences
  6. Believe in the Lessons Through Vicarious Experiences
  7. Believe in the Freedom of Work-Life Harmony

Maintaining an optimistic perspective, even during difficult times, unlocks the power of positivity to propel your growth. When you believe that challenges are opportunities for learning and progress, you approach them with resilience instead of defeat. Positivity breeds an abundant mindset that attracts luck, possibilities, and the motivation to persist. By focusing on the favorable factors within your control, you manifest the right circumstances for achieving your goals.

A yearning for curiosity is needed to drive continuous self-expansion. When you believe in the importance of being curious, you become excited to step outside your comfort zone and gain new knowledge. You see each situation as a chance to learn, keeping you humble and hungry to explore unfamiliar perspectives, cultures, and skills. Curiosity prevents complacency, as you’re always eager to uncover your next level of growth.

The growth path requires vulnerability and believing you have the courage to open up. By being vulnerable, you courageously shed self-limiting beliefs, behaviors, and facades that have been restricting your progress. Vulnerability enables deeper self-awareness, authentic connections with others, and the opportunity to receive honest feedback that catalyzes positive change. Have faith in your ability to lean into discomfort and uncertainty.

Believing in your own capabilities to take the necessary actions and overcome obstacles is self-efficacy in action. This self-confidence allows you to set ambitious goals, persist through challenges, and trust in the process of growth. As you achieve benchmarks, your self-efficacy strengthens, creating an upward spiral of increasing what you believe is possible.

With the belief that mastery experiences propel growth, you commit to a simple practice for developing new competencies. Each small win, such as landing a new job role or perfecting a skill, builds evidence that sustained effort leads to mastery. Have faith that embracing the difficulties of training and repetition will be rewarded with the deeply satisfying achievement of expertise.

While personal experiences are profound teachers, you can also glean invaluable growth lessons through observing others’ lives and listening to their stories. Believe in the power of vicarious experiences by learning from books, mentors, and people you admire. Their failures and successes can impart wisdom and inspiration for your own evolving journey without stumbling through the same pitfalls.

Achieving continuous growth in all aspects of your life requires believing in the possibility of work-life harmony. Have confidence, and don’t be overwhelmed by the limiting notion that growth in one area must be sacrificed for another. Trust the process.


These beliefs will only take you so far. You must do some things or embody some things to make all of this possible. You must live a life you love. You do this by leaning into your purpose, courageously seeking challenges and opportunities, valuing and voicing your authentic self, and embodying powerful habits.

The Four Commitments You Must Make To Yourself

  1. Lean Into Your Purpose
  2. Courageously Seek Challenges & Opportunities While Exploring
  3. Value & Voice Your Authentic Self
  4. Embody Powerful Habits (consistency, focus & manage time well, be positive, be curious (learning and adapting with patience), and follow up/through)

Living a life you love requires fully committed leaning into your deepest sense of purpose. Pursuing the calling that stirs your soul and aligns with your core values ensures your daily reality reflects what matters most. Lean into your purpose, and each moment brims with intentionality and meaning that fulfills you. This is how you craft a life’s journey you love undertaking each day.

Loving the life you live means having the courage to step outside your comfort zone continually. Purposefully seek challenges that push your limits, as overcoming difficulties deepens your appreciation for growth. Explore uncharted opportunities that awaken your curiosity and allow you to experience novel environments and perspectives. Embracing the unexplored reinforces that you live life to the fullest, cultivating profound love for your ever-evolving journey.

To truly love your life, you must love and give full expression to your authentic self — the unique gifts, experiences, and soul that make you who you are. Value all the qualities that allow you to contribute your exceptional essence to the world. Voice your genuine thoughts and emotions boldly, even if they defy conventions. When you honor your authentic truth rather than muting aspects of yourself, you cultivate deep self-love that overflows into loving the life you’re wholly present for.

By leaning into your purpose, exploring with courage, voicing your authenticity, and embodying habits aligned with your aims, you construct a life you feel deeply proud of and connected to. This is how you architect days brimming with fulfillment, growth, and love for the path you’re wholeheartedly committed to walking.

So, you must have a healthy body and mind, emotional intelligence with a heavy emphasis on humility and self-awareness, longevity (frequent nourishment of food, water, sleep, and community), and a purpose. You must believe in the power of positivity, the benefits of being vulnerable, in the freedom of work-life harmony, and in the value of self-efficacy. You must lean into your purpose, courageously seek challenges and opportunities, value and voice your authentic self, and embody powerful happiness. If you have, believe, and do, you will be present and thrive; with that comes work-life harmony, peace, and happiness.

Eeeek, so there it is. That is my newest framework. It doesn’t have a name, but it is me for you.

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Sending you love. Until next time…



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