“It’s they who need to change.”

Jo Schilleci
3 min readMay 13, 2024

Once again, I woke up with lyrics playing in my head. But this time, just one line.

If you read the last few posts, you will know that I volunteered at my daughter’s local theater Thursday through Saturday of this previous weekend. They performed Shrek the Musical, and I was backstage or in the audience for rehearsals or performances each night.

The song I woke up to this morning was Freak Flag.

If you look at the lyrics, you will see that it is an anthem of self-acceptance and empowerment. It encourages the fairytale characters, often viewed as outcasts or ‘freaks,’ to take pride in their unique traits and differences.

I believe, I woke up with the title on mind, so I would Google the lyrics and tell you what it inspires.

These lyrics encourage the listener to embrace who they are and challenge societal norms dictating conformity. We should celebrate our differences and individuality by sharing with the world who we are.

Or at least that is what I heard.

The song tells us, “It is they who need to change.”

I love the message this delivers. It isn’t us who need to change; it is those who point the finger. The problem lies not with those who are different but those who judge the other.

Sitting here, I keep asking myself, “Why?”

And I want you to ask yourself the same question.

Is it because this approach promotes a healthier, more diverse community where everyone feels valued and accepted (acceptance)?

What would be the outcome if everyone felt valued and accepted?

It would make the world a better place, wouldn’t it?

The next lyric stood out: "It’s time to stop the hiding. It’s time to stand up tall.”

This a call for courage and visibility. It emphasizes the importance of stepping out from the shadows and embracing one’s true self publicly and confidently. By standing tall, individuals not only affirm their worth, it encourages a more accepting (acceptance) and open community.

I think continuing to ask “Why?” to what is happening around us in this world will bring solutions in the form of answers.

Now for the final line I took from this song, “All the things that make us special are the things that make us strong.”

This emphasizes the idea that our unique qualities and differences are sources of strength. It suggests that what makes each of us unique should not be hidden or seen as a weakness but celebrated and recognized as a source of resilience and character. This perspective fosters self-acceptance and empowerment, highlighting that diversity can bring vitality, “life,” and happiness to a community. It encourages everyone to value and draw strength from their individuality.

Our uniqueness should be viewed as a foundation of strength.

  1. Stand tall.
  2. Celebrate our individuality.
  3. Challenges the norms that often marginalize those who are different.
  4. We will enrich the community with different voices and experiences.

This perspective creates strength.

This perspective creates a world where everyone feels empowered and included.

And if that wouldn’t make the world a better place, then I’m not sure what would.

So yes, these daily writings aren’t just messages for you; they are messages for me.

These daily writings are a documentation of my journey, which is happening right now as I write my book, which I so desperately want to bring to the world.

I want to change the world. It is the “battle cry” I carry.

What is your battle cry?

With love, Jo

P.S. What is a battle cry? — A “battle cry” refers to a vigorous shout or chant used by soldiers going into battle to boost morale and strike fear into the enemy. These cries often carry significant emotional and symbolic weight, reflecting the spirit and unity of the fighters. Over time, the concept of a battle cry has also been adopted in non-military contexts such as sports, activism, and various competitive or challenging situations to rally support and inspire courage among groups. Each battle cry, steeped in cultural or historical significance, motivates and energizes participants toward a common goal.



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