Jordan Schilleci
2 min readJun 19, 2024

We are living the days of our lives in a series of moments. Some of these moments we grasp, some we analyze, some we forget, and some become memories.

Some of these moments offer insight, while some paralyze us, but if we are lucky, these moments change us for the better.

Moments are fleeting.
Memories are gifts.

How do we capture every ounce of meaning, impression, and life from each moment?

We must listen.
We must absorb.
We must be present.

First, we must care enough to be present.
We must carry and embody that deep desire to be present.

This intention, this genuine wanting to show up entirely for our experiences, allows the possibility of presence to take root. Without that sincere intention as the foundation, any efforts toward mindfulness or awareness will likely fall short.

You must approach this with the right attitude. You must be positive.

Positivity is my favorite of the powerful habits that we must all exhibit in our daily lives.

If we approach all of our days with positivity, we will have hope.

Hope is a catalyst for motivation, perseverance, a possibility mindset, resilience, well-being, positivity, and, ultimately, action.

What are you doing today to be present?



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